मुर्शिद  दा  दीदार  है  बाहू
मैंनू  लख  करोड़ा  हज़ा   हू
Thanks  All  The  Friends
who came in contact at various stages in life , no doubt they belonged to various cults and traditions. So the Blog follows all -- Heard , Said , Mentioned , Read and Researched.This Blog contains Poems , Verses ,  Prose , Short stories , Couplets , Teachings (English , Hindi, Punjabi & Persian ) which  I personally have come across during my Up-Bringing.

I feel proud of  my diverse up bringing. As  born  of a mother who  in turn is brought up in SANATAN  DHARMA  but  ultimately  became a Strong  Believer in  SANT  MAT under  influence of  my  father's  family.

She has been a Teacher for Kids in primary classes  so  all the  love in raw form comes to her naturally . As she says --- Love of  kids or children is infectious -----  so love of GOD  also seems flowing towards her naturally without much  effort. Devotion here seems auto generated code. 

One more reason why I say " my Up bringing as Diverse"  because I am brought up under  influence of my maternal uncles family ( SANATANI , SIDDH SWAMI  SHANKARA  PURI  JI  MAHARAJ , Zira , Punjab ) but SUFISM seems to be in Genes . When I wonder  How this happened ( because I never came across such personality ever in my child hood  ) My mother has the answer --- " Beta , tera Dada, Par-Dada te Bua gazla te sheyro-shayari  de bahut shokeen c , ohvi urdu te farsi " -- ( Son , Your Grand Father, Great Grand Father and paternal aunt were very fond of  poetry that  too in Urdu and Persian ). So the Genes do play their role here. Like to mention here that my father's family belonged to Saharanpur in U.P. predominantly a Urdu Speaking belt in Older times. Moreover SUFI  tradition is  closely related to Teachings of GURU  NANAK ( First Guru Of Sikhs)  and  SANT MAT.

In The Back Drop of having said that --- Teachings from every religion comes to me naturally and my personal belief " Under current of every religion or sect is Same "  Described in  Ancient Greek  Aphorism  As "KNOW THYSELF"  (Easier Said Than Done)

Kisi ne Allama Iqbal se poocha: Aqal ki inteha kiya hey?
Allama Iqbal replied: Heyrat.
Phir poocha: Heyrat ki inteha kiya hey?
Allama replied: Ishq.
Phir poocha: Ishq ki inteha kiya hey?
Allama replied: Ishq La-Inteha hey.
Phir poocha: Magar aap ne likha hey “Teray ishq ki inteha chahta hoon”.
Allama replied: Tou doosray misray mein apni ghalti ka aiteraf kiya hey “Meri saadgi dekh kiya chahta hoon”.