ARE WE MASTERS OF OUR OWN FATE ? ---- ( Excerpts From " We , The Nation - THE LOST DECADE " by Nani . A . Palkhiwala

Some of the greatest men have believed that certain events in their lives were preordained and that certain individuals had the rare gift or precognition.

An example is that of Dr S Radhakrishnan, a professor of philosophy, who later became President of India. If you read the life of Dr Radhakrishnan by his son Gopal, you will come across the following passage on page 143:

'Sometime during these years when Radhakrishnan was spending the summers in Europe, he met Cheiro, the best-known palmist of his day. Cheiro studied Radhakrishnan's palms and forecast that he would reach the top, be the head of a State, but would before his death, lose his mind. Both these prophecies seemed at the time so wildly off the mark that they became a family joke.'

The above passage bears eloquent testimony to two facts -- preordination and the gift of precognition by rare individuals.
One of the most famous incidents is that of Winston Churchill who had a lucky escape from a bomb attack in a car. On that day he happened to choose to sit on the far side from his usual place. Lady Churchill asked him

why, 'I do not know', he replied. The he said, 'Of course I know. Something said to me 'Stop' before I reached the car door which was held open for me. It then seemed to me that I was told I should open the door on the other side and get in and sit there.' Needless to add, Churchill escaped unhurt.

On the subject of destiny, let me state what I believe: 

First, I believe that the basic pattern of an individual's or a nation's life is pre-determined.